Shining moments of joy;
the cries of life, the slightest noise.
They come and go, in fleeting heartbeats,
only to crash, like stones, at your feet.

Miracles born, miracles lost.
Their loss is pain, but their love, never gone.
They shine bright amongst the stars,
they shine forever in your heart.


Written in 2018, after a friend of mine lost her child.

Photo from Pexels


Everyday, I’m still learning
how to live past the memories.

Everyday, I’m still learning
how not to count the days, but the moments.

Everyday, I’m still learning
how to stand my own reflection.

Everyday, I’m still learning
how to love, and how to mourn its loss.

Everyday, I’m still learning
how to live on my own.



is just a word
I twist my tongue around.
I shut my mouth,
my eyes.

I watch the crowd,
watch them take.
The burning fire,
the war of words.

is an empty word
I cannot comprehend.
No cheering crowd,
no joyous laughter.

When all is said,
it’s just the end.


The Tale of the Lost Girl and the Heartbreak Prince

The days were like a dream
When we danced between fantasy and reality:

Star-crossed lovers in the night,
I could have sworn we would stand the test of time,
When our whispered promises
Weren’t mere pipe dreams,
When our love glowed brighter
Than the moon that watched over us.

But after all was said, it was the end,
And I was the villain in your story,
Or at least in the version that you keep,
Locked away in your memories.
Oh, my Heartbreak Prince,
I buried our story in infamy,
Infamous in its tragedy,
And all that’s left that exists
Is a whisper of a memory.


The Trouble With Living Apart

Sweetness and sorrow
Burning together
In the hours between,
When our fingers cannot meet,
Until the sun descends
And our shadows grow deeper,
And we fall into its embrace.

In this quiet we lay
Side by side,
The chasm between us
Nearly nonexistent,
Or maybe I just don’t care
About these circumstances,
Resigned to moonlit daydreams
And whispered promises,
Not when what remains
Is a possibility.



A million roads,
choose only one.
Walk straight ahead
and don’t look back.

Was this one right?
Or maybe not?
Can you be sure?
You’ll never know.

Too far to turn
and walk away.
There’s no choice left
except to stay.


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A Promise

I asked him,
“Where will you be if I fall apart?”
He answered,
“Right beside you.”
And I looked into his eyes,
Clear mirrors reflecting my own,
And I saw his hair silvered,
His skin withered with age,
But his smile still the same,
The warmth in his soul still resonating,
And I could see myself lying here
Next to him
Until the end.


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All I Know

All I know is this:
I can never be like them,
of the world we share,
always daring
to be seen.

All I know is this:
I can never be like you,
as the flowers that bloom,
making a name
for all the world
to see.

All I know is this:
I can only be me,
the scars on my soul
just waiting
for the world
to see me.